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At Aburi Restaurants, we are proud to be the pioneers of Aburi sushi in Canada! Aburi sushi is the innovation of flame searing the seafood, giving a smoky flavour and enhancing umami. At TORA, we have taken Aburi to the next level by adding our own signature twist to this innovative style of cuisine.

We start with a base of our perfectly seasoned akazu shari and combine it with the freshest seafood. We top the sushi with our signature sauces, carefully selected to pair with each type of fish. Finally, we lightly sear the sushi with binchotan (Japanese bamboo charcoal). The flame caramelizes the sauce, releasing a smoky aroma and bringing out the umami of each piece of sushi. This balance of flavour and texture makes our Aburi sushi a craveable culinary experience.

Our sushi chefs understand that the key to perfecting Aburi sushi is in balancing each component’s texture and flavours so that both come together in perfect harmony. From the flavour and texture of the shari, to the precise degree of caramelization, all the way to the delicate finishing garnish, we pay close attention to the details of our cuisine so that our guests have a consistent Aburi experience every time.

Our Aburi Oshi (pressed sushi) selection at TORA is the largest that Aburi Restaurants has to offer, allowing our guests to enjoy even more flavours of Aburi style sushi!