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Mike Acero Headshot 2015.jpg

Michael Acero, Menu Development (Kitchen)

Originally from the Philippines, where the cuisine is heavily molded by foreign influences such as Spanish, Chinese, Malaysian, and Japanese, Michael was drawn to the restaurant world by finding the artistic expression in cooking. For over 15 years, Michael sharpened his skills in French, Italian, and Spanish restaurants but his palette was always drawn to the umami flavours found in Japanese cuisine. His ability to adapt quickly and passion for cooking make him a perfect fit for Aburi Restaurants. Working creatively within Aburi’s three pillars of Aburi, Ningenmi, and Zekkei have allowed him to realize his full potential.

Having worked at all four Aburi locations (Miku Vancouver and Toronto, Minami, and Gyoza Bar) in a Chef management capacity, Michael is stepping up to his newest challenge, menu development for TORA and the Toronto area.

Kazuki Uchigoshi, Menu Development (Sushi)

As one of the longest employed members of our team, Kazuki has seen many changes within the company. His infectious smile beams from the sushi bar as he creates beautiful experiences for his guests. As a certified nurse, Kazuki didn’t have too much to worry about around all those sharp knives when he joined the Tora Corporation (Japanese sister company to Aburi) at 18 to learn the skills of a sushi chef. At 22, he had the opportunity to come to Vancouver to help open Miku Vancouver. After a year, he decided that he wanted to make Vancouver and Miku his permanent home. With his years of experience with the company, Kazuki was selected be part of the opening team for Minami, the opening team as Head Sushi Chef for Miku Toronto, and now TORA and Toronto area menu development. With a strong eye for detail and commitment to his craft, he identifies with the Aburi Pillar of “zekkei” by creating dishes that are as beautiful as they are delicious.

Autumn Hong, Operations Manager

Autumn has always had a passion for food and drink. It wasn’t until she moved to Vancouver though that she realized there is more to running a successful restaurant than just great food, like a genuine appreciation for hospitality and benevolence. It is since this realization that she has dedicated herself to offering not just a great meal, but an unforgettable experience. Through innate skills and knowledge gained through years of working at some of Canada’s (and the world’s) finest restaurants, as General Manager at Miku Vancouver, Autumn set the bar by continuing to offer genuine service and attentive care to each and every guest and helping them to truly enjoy the entire experience from the moment they make the reservation till the moment they walk out the door. As the Operations Manager of Toronto area, she plays a key role in the opening of TORA and it’s future success.