TORA connects people and food through state-of-the-art technology. Our restaurant concept uses a sushi concierge system- an intuitive ordering platform and a series of laneways that deliver your food directly from the chef’s hands to your table.  Our aim is to create an atmosphere which is exciting and new, while at the same time welcoming and fun.

Our chefs have created a menu which highlights the quality you’ve come to expect from Aburi Restaurants; serving traditional Japanese dishes with our signature Aburi flair, as well as new and inventive creations. Dishes are meant to be shared, and the variety of offerings allows you to experience a multitude of flavours in one visit.

Our signature EdoPrime Nigiri is strongly based in Japanese tradition, offering Edomae-style sushi with premium cuts of Japanese seafood, each brushed with our signature sauces. Our Aburi Oshi sushi is pressed, paired with delectable sauces and garnishes, then flame seared to bring out the natural umami flavour. We also offer a wide range of hot and cold dishes, desserts, and a Japanese inspired beverage list.

We’re excited to introduce the country’s first TORA by Aburi Restaurants to Toronto.



TORA’s roots are steeped in Japanese history, in contrast to its futuristic dining style. Owner Seigo Nakamura, originally from Miyazaki, Japan, took over his father’s restaurant, Sushi TORA when he was only 20 years old, in 1996. In the years that followed, Seigo created a successful restaurant group in Japan, and was always looking for his next challenge. In 2008, he moved to Vancouver, BC to pursue opening an Aburi sushi focused restaurant in Vancouver.

Four successful restaurants and ten years later, Seigo set his mind to bringing a traditional style of sushi restaurant - Kaiten, to Canada, but in a modern way with high quality offerings. Paying homage to his roots, he named it TORA.

“At TORA, I want our guests to enjoy the entire experience of dining, from the surprise and delight of the technology, to the flavour and presentation of the food, to the friendly and welcoming service. I want to immerse the guests in this experience, and bring a little joy to everyone who walks into the space.”

/ Seigo Nakamura /